Sunday, 5 August 2012

Borodino at Claymore 2012

Barry Hilton, Bob'Toggy' Talbot and myself put on half of our Bordino game at Claymore on Saturday and here are a few pics I took.  As usual we never even attempted to fight the battle except for a little bit when Billy Woods couldn't stand the dice withdrawal effects.  As usual at these shows we always spend most of the time talking with all the people that pay us a visit to discuss the battle, forces, terrain, painting and a load of other topics plus it's also a good time to meet up with old friends.
This is the main view of Borodino from the French side of the table.
The goreous Russian church was scratch built and bought by Barry many years ago but has hardly been out on the wargames table which is such a pity for a lovely building.
The famous redoubt from the battle with a brigade of David Imrie's lovely grenadier division.
The French respose to the Russian defences, a 100 gun grand battery.
Bob's Italians and Neopolitans lauch an attack against the Russian Guard Jager defending Borodino.
This was part of the Russian responce, the Guard cavalry about to launch an attack.
This shows the full cavalry wing, only the Guard Cossacks are missing.
But plain old cossacks can ride down the French infantry,
if they are lucky.


  1. Wow that is wonderful looking eye candy there

    1. Glad you like the game, if you look at the other two sections I've added on Claymore you will see that there were lots of inspiring games.