Friday, 30 March 2012

Blast from the past

I managed to get in a third game for the year and infact we got two games last night so it went well.
Colin Jack had been asking last week if I had a set of Necromunda rules which he wanted for another period so we decided to get all out gangs out to remind us how the rules worked.
My Delaque gang defending the Necronews press plant
Guarding the front door to allow the delivery boy back in from his destroyed delivery vehicle
The first game we fought was a straight forward gang fight between my Delaque gang,
Colin Jack with his Eascher 'girlie' gang and Hugh Wilson with his Ratskin gang.
Eascher advancing through the ruins
Rummaging around the military scrap yard.
Hughes Ratskin gang under cover
The first fight saw me taking up postitions around the press plant to make maximum use of my firepower while the other two squabbled amongst themselves but surprise, surprise, they both headed for me to make best use of their hand weapons.  Fortunately the girls suffered a number of shooting casualties and bailed out of the fight leaving Hugh with his rats to face the music but realising charging across open ground into my crossfire he also bugged out giving victory to me.  Unfortunately for Colin his gangs leader and another ganger both died after the battle which should have left him at a serious disadvantage in the next game but it didn't turn out that way.
The next fight was a scavenge for loot, eleven pieces were scattered around the area which had to be found and brought safely off table.  Each piece was worth a certain amount of points but there could also be a chance that some could be booby traps, those would be three of the ones that I found, Doh!!
Rats out searching
Unfortunately for the Rats they wandered into my line of fire and with four of them down the rest failed their leadership test and bugged out taking their one piece of loot leaving the Delaque and Girls to shoot it out for the rest.  As usual my dice rolling let me down badly and with my leader down the rest left with nine points of loot but Colin had fifteen points of loot so ended up the winner.
My heavy weapons that couldn't hit a barn door
Hughe's rats hiding to avoid been shot to bits.

Both games were great fun and we have decided to get the gangs out again and start a proper campaign with them.  When we first fought Necromunda many years ago we had 36 gangs in our campaign while the campaign Colin ran had about 16 gangs in it.  We both had newletters to keep everyone up to date on what was happening and also gave me a chance to distort the truth and generally slag everyone off which was great fun and even got us mentioned in White Dwarf a number of times and got us invited down to their studio.

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Day two in Derby

This is the table layout for the second day along with some of the gamers taking part,
including some of the usual suspects
Russian left flank including my dragoon brigade
Cossacks skirmishing.  Eureka figures painted by Barry
Peter Nicolson's cossacks charging Italian artillery
Here's my cossacks getting into the action
The dragoons didn't want to miss the fun either
As usual the French Guard come along and spoil the fun for everyone.

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Buggeration in Derby

So far this year has been really poor for me where I have only managed to have two wargames and missed a couple of weekend get togethers.  I missed the cowboy weekend the previous weekend then missed this great extravaganza down at Derby the last weekend but at least General Buggeration and his boys got to join in the fun.
This is part of the main table on day one and shows my Russians defending Bautzen.
Stout defenders, although in the real battle there was a large defensive wall around the town.
Russians defending the flank
The French moving up to attack.  Figures painted by Barry Hilton
French moving into postiton
Not all troops were French, this is part of an Italian Division commanded by Keith Tait.
This unit is mine and although painted up as Saxons a quick change of flag allowed them to become Italian for the weekend.  This was also my first attempt at using Army Painter dip and I was quite happy with the result but I might stick to using GW washes instead.
More French moving up to attack.
It eventually took the French Guard to eject my Russians out of Bautzen but I don't mind too much as I painted these beauties as well along with a couple of Grenadier Regiment of the Guard.

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

The Final Shoot Out

Here are the last shots that I have of the weekend action, hope you like them?
Another shot of my hide away,
unfortunately extra laundry got dropped off and I couldn't come out to play
Looking for a safe way out of town
Praying for peace
I knew that preacher was wasting his time
This is where 'pistol packing Pete' Nicholson, the lawman had his posse
'pistol packing Pete's' brothers gang takes on some Redskins and hoping to win the game
I guess he forgot about his brothers reputation as his guys and the Injins get gunned down by a shotgun blast from one of 'PPP's' henchmen.
This double dealing action seemed to go on all weekend according to latest reports and allegations and it's this double cross that gave 'pistol packing Pete' the overall winner of the weekends fun.  I'm only sorry I missed the mayhem but there will be plenty more at next weekends get together in June which will be an English Civil War bash but knowing this bunch of reprobates there will be nothing civil about it.
Apart from the June game a number of the 'League' will be putting on display games at the Falkirk show at the beginning of May, Partizan at the end of May and Borodino at Claymore in August and Partizan in September.

Second chance saloon

I've been asked by loads of people to post more pics of the weekends cowboy action so here goes.  A large number of them feature the town set up which was used for the big sunday game and just goes to show what can be produced when a number of gamers combine their collections although I think most the architecture comes from the collections of Colin Jack and Peter Nicholson.
Some entertainment for the boys
Don't shoot the piano player
More entertainment for the boys
Getting to town quick
Wagons roll!!!
This is where my 'Yellow Peril' Chinese gang should have been hanging out
'Pensive Pete' McCarrol sits nervously waiting for a shot in the back
The OK coral?
I'm sure these gallows were well used over the weekend.

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Something for the weekend

As I mentioned in a previous post I am a member of a group of like minded individuals called The League of Gentlemen Wargamers and a few times a year we get together to fight really big battles or campaigns and the weekend past was the latest game which I unfortunately missed due to work commitments but Bob Lauder sent me a huge number of pics to let me see what I missed so I thought you guys might also like to see them.
Train arriving for a weekends fun.
Another type of weekend gaming
I think he was kept busy all weekend
Recording the casualties
Stagecoach and Whorehouse both had a busy weekend
Another shot of the train
It wouldn't be a cowboy game without some sneeky Redskins
These ones are getting a bit rough.

The Saturday started off with a series of 6x4 tables with a different scenario on each and every gamer got to fight each scenario to build up their gang rating for the big game on the Sunday which was set in the main town on one large table.  I have no idea who actually won the weekend games but when you get to play with toys like this and a great bunch of guys, who cares.  If you want to see anymore pics send me a message and I will add more of the action.