Wednesday, 7 March 2012

When I started this blog I did think it would take me a while to keep it updated but didn't think it would take so long, unfortunately family and a whole new career change has taken up most of my time recently but hopefully things are starting to stabalise so I hope to post more soon.  These pics are taken from a display game that Adrian Howe, Barry Hilton, David Imrie, Toggy and myself put on at Partizan in September 2011.  We were using Barry's March of Eagles rules and a 1:5 figure scale so all these battalions are around 100 figures strong.


  1. I missed the last Partizan through being quite ill so it's nice to see some pics of the game you guys put on.

    Excellent looking game, beautifully scenery and craftsmanship on the brushwork. but then we'd expect nothing less from you chaps.


    1. Thanks Darrell, the game attracted a huge amount of interest which meant that we didn't actually get to fight many moves but as you know we don't put on these games to inspire peoples attention. We all thought it looked so good that we might put it on at a show up in Scotland.