Thursday, 15 March 2012

More of the Alma

Here are an other couple of overall game shots of the allied right flank table which had all the French and Turks on it.
Turks advancing up to the river Alma with naval support.
The French are advancing against the heights held by the Russians with the Turks away in the distance in the top right of this photo.
Another two French divisions are forming up just behind the Alma.


  1. Bloody hell!! Look at the size of the game!!!

    Truely outstanding stuff Dave. If you have any more pics i'd love to see them.

    So, did the Turks save the day (I've heard rumours)?


  2. There were a lot more pics taken but Barry has kept them back for his article. The Turks didn't manage to save the day despite all their efforts, they were let down by the tardy performance of the Brits. The umpire decided that the Allies hadn't done enough to merit a win especially with the aggressive attitude of the Russians and they deserved their victory.

  3. Dave,

    I was just in the Durham Light Infantry Museum and one of the "chaps" won a VC at Balaklava. Hopefully this will give the poor toy soldiers in red a plus one randomly rolled next time :O)

    Very much looking forward to seeing the pics of the game, proper.


    1. Darrell, under the Four Empires rules all Brits can be classed as Elite which gives them a +1 on morale. This equates to the Victorian British attitude that they thought they were better than everyone else and allows them to stand longer and take heavy casualties when the sensible thing might be to fall back to safety.

    2. Sounds about right LOL