Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Second chance saloon

I've been asked by loads of people to post more pics of the weekends cowboy action so here goes.  A large number of them feature the town set up which was used for the big sunday game and just goes to show what can be produced when a number of gamers combine their collections although I think most the architecture comes from the collections of Colin Jack and Peter Nicholson.
Some entertainment for the boys
Don't shoot the piano player
More entertainment for the boys
Getting to town quick
Wagons roll!!!
This is where my 'Yellow Peril' Chinese gang should have been hanging out
'Pensive Pete' McCarrol sits nervously waiting for a shot in the back
The OK coral?
I'm sure these gallows were well used over the weekend.


  1. I've had a number of people asking about where they can buy the CanCan dancers so I got in touch with 'Pistol Packing Pete' and he said they are produced by Knuckleduster Miniatures.

    1. Yes, the Can can dancers are by Knuckleduster who also produce a piano player, card table and pool table. They have a great set of bar drinking guys with bottles ratrher than pistols in their hands (also in some of the photos).

      The piano player and card table in the photos are all Dixon figures.

      Peter (PPP)

  2. Thanks Peter, I did think the dancers just had to belong to Colin Jack but it would appear his taste is rubbing off on you.