Friday, 9 March 2012

19th Century European Wars

Many friends who know me are aware that one of my favourite wargaming periods are all the European Wars of the 19th century such as the two Schleswig Holstein Wars, the Crimean War, the Italian Wars of Unification, the 1866 war and the Franco Prussian War so here is a selection of some of my toys in action.
Austrian artillery in action giving the pesky Prussians a hard time.
The Bavarian army also joined in the fun in 1866 but were 'persuaded' to join with the Prussians in 1870 for the Franco Prussian War.
How can you not love the Austrians in their lovely white uniforms keeping the Italians in line.
They even have lots of lovely cavalry to charge uselessly against Dreyese rifle armed Prussians.


  1. The figures look great, what make are they?

  2. Day by day my interest min the Crimea seems to be growing although I have to profess a certain degree of ignorance when it comes to the Franco-Prussian War and the Schleswig Holstein Wars. It would be great to see a bit of history touching upon these wars Dave if youm can find the time of course mon ami.


  3. Ray, there is a mixture of ranges, the artillery, white coated infantry and cavalry are by Mirliton and the infantry in greatcoats are from Eureka. Sadly Eureka have only produced a few figures for the period but at least they produce some Danes for the Second Schlesvig Holstein War in 1864.

    1. Forgot to say that the Bavarian artillery are from the Foundry Franco Prussian war range.