Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Buggeration in Derby

So far this year has been really poor for me where I have only managed to have two wargames and missed a couple of weekend get togethers.  I missed the cowboy weekend the previous weekend then missed this great extravaganza down at Derby the last weekend but at least General Buggeration and his boys got to join in the fun.
This is part of the main table on day one and shows my Russians defending Bautzen.
Stout defenders, although in the real battle there was a large defensive wall around the town.
Russians defending the flank
The French moving up to attack.  Figures painted by Barry Hilton
French moving into postiton
Not all troops were French, this is part of an Italian Division commanded by Keith Tait.
This unit is mine and although painted up as Saxons a quick change of flag allowed them to become Italian for the weekend.  This was also my first attempt at using Army Painter dip and I was quite happy with the result but I might stick to using GW washes instead.
More French moving up to attack.
It eventually took the French Guard to eject my Russians out of Bautzen but I don't mind too much as I painted these beauties as well along with a couple of Grenadier Regiment of the Guard.


  1. I loved your "Italian ice cream munchers" they looked and fought like hero's

  2. I've always had a soft spot for Italians as they always get an undeserved bad press even for their fighting ability during the Risorgimento in the mid 19th century. The basic soldiers performed well it was usually their higher command that tended to let them down. Even Napoleon was imspired by their performance at Maloyaroslavets. The Neapolitans are another matter and I think it's their poor performances that tended to tarnish their fellow countrymen.