Saturday, 10 March 2012

Crimean Turks

Just for Darrell, here is the only shot I seem to have of my lovely 15mm Minifigs Turks that I used to own many years ago but as I couldn't get anyone in the SESWC club interested in the Crimean War these chaps now reside in London.  Thanks to a certain Barry Hilton I have now started to revisit the Crimean War but at the moment I am concentrating on the French which basically means I can just use my Franco Prussian War figures with some of the Foundry Crimean French added in.


  1. The old Minifigs do have a charm all of their own, I have some unpainted British somewhere and feel rather inspired by this shot.

  2. Thanks Matt, I had wanted to fight the period in 25mm when the original Foundry range came out but couldn't get anyone in the Edinburgh club interested in that scale but my mate Bill was keen on 15mm and I was impressed with the Minifig range. The figures are crisply cast and the metal was soft enough that it was easy to alter poses. Apart from working with Barry Hilton on the Crimean supplement for Republic to Empire rules my other mates Aly and Dave of Great War Miniatures have a superb Crimean range out and expanding, I'm just waiting for the Turks to finally come out.

  3. Thanks Dave, Mini Figs *the* range at one point in time for just about everything.

    Great to see the Turks out again and hopefully matching their record during the war, which as you will know well, was not anywhere near as bad as reported by the British press at the time!

    I too have been slowly building up my Crimean collection (pretty much everything has been from Dave and Ally's range). I'm doing Brits for a couple of reasons i/ grey can be a bit boring ii/ they have some nice variation in uniforms, iii/ that's what they released first :O)


  4. I have always had a soft spot for the Turks and feel they never got the credit they deserved during the war except from the English officers that fought alongside the Turks.
    Barry has written a couple of great looking articles for the war which will be appearing in W.I. soon.

  5. Very nicely painted figures, any idea what colour Turkish guns were painted ? Pete.