Wednesday, 21 March 2012

The Final Shoot Out

Here are the last shots that I have of the weekend action, hope you like them?
Another shot of my hide away,
unfortunately extra laundry got dropped off and I couldn't come out to play
Looking for a safe way out of town
Praying for peace
I knew that preacher was wasting his time
This is where 'pistol packing Pete' Nicholson, the lawman had his posse
'pistol packing Pete's' brothers gang takes on some Redskins and hoping to win the game
I guess he forgot about his brothers reputation as his guys and the Injins get gunned down by a shotgun blast from one of 'PPP's' henchmen.
This double dealing action seemed to go on all weekend according to latest reports and allegations and it's this double cross that gave 'pistol packing Pete' the overall winner of the weekends fun.  I'm only sorry I missed the mayhem but there will be plenty more at next weekends get together in June which will be an English Civil War bash but knowing this bunch of reprobates there will be nothing civil about it.
Apart from the June game a number of the 'League' will be putting on display games at the Falkirk show at the beginning of May, Partizan at the end of May and Borodino at Claymore in August and Partizan in September.


  1. Replies
    1. Bob did an excellent job of the pics plus having lots of nice scenery and figures always makes for a great pic.

  2. More fab stuff. Beautifully laid out table.

    Any clues as to the first couple of demo games at Falkirk and the next Partizan?


  3. We haven't had a chance to have a discussion yet due to work and family illnesses getting in the way but probably something Nine Years War or Crimean. I would prefer the later.

  4. I've just noticed that Carronade, the Falkirk show seems to be a week earlier this year? The main reason I have noticed is that it clashes with a conference my wife attends which is always on the same weekend every year and I go to the dinner dance later and the two events have never collided. I should still make the show but might have to leave early.

  5. Bugger!!!! Just found out that I can't make it to the Falkirk show, unfortunately my wife has just informed me that we have tickets for Dancing on Ice through in Glasgow the afternoon of the show and I have to be in Perth the night before. Oh Joy!