Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Something for the weekend

As I mentioned in a previous post I am a member of a group of like minded individuals called The League of Gentlemen Wargamers and a few times a year we get together to fight really big battles or campaigns and the weekend past was the latest game which I unfortunately missed due to work commitments but Bob Lauder sent me a huge number of pics to let me see what I missed so I thought you guys might also like to see them.
Train arriving for a weekends fun.
Another type of weekend gaming
I think he was kept busy all weekend
Recording the casualties
Stagecoach and Whorehouse both had a busy weekend
Another shot of the train
It wouldn't be a cowboy game without some sneeky Redskins
These ones are getting a bit rough.

The Saturday started off with a series of 6x4 tables with a different scenario on each and every gamer got to fight each scenario to build up their gang rating for the big game on the Sunday which was set in the main town on one large table.  I have no idea who actually won the weekend games but when you get to play with toys like this and a great bunch of guys, who cares.  If you want to see anymore pics send me a message and I will add more of the action.


  1. Hi Dave, lovely looking figures and looks like they had a cracking game. Any more piccies????



  2. Fab looking stuff from TLoEG (Tm).

    Love the native american vignette and no doubt that paleskin deserved it :O)


  3. It is a great vignette and no doubt the owner Adrian (chief running scared) wanted to do that to all the forked tongued palefaces.

  4. The stake out and had your chips vignette is another one I painted up from the Dixon range. They do have some interesting figures for the Old West.