Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Waterloo 2013

I was asked earlier in the year by author Iain Gale
to take part in a Waterloo refight on the weekend of the 198th anniversary of the battle but myself, Angus Konstam, Bill Gilchrist and Colin Jack had already agreed to attend the latest weekend extravaganza from the League of Gentlemen Wargamers and as three of us were the organisers of the event we could hardly pull out.  Iain re-arranged the game for the following weekend but unfortunately I was working and couldn't get up until late on the Sunday afternoon but got there just as my favourite 100 days troops, the Prussians made their arrival.
Although I took loads of photos there is no point in me posting loads here as Bill Gilchrist has posted 129 on his Flickr folder
and a two part report on his blog
After two days of gaming the French had managed to capture Hougemont but had failed to break through the Allied line and the Prussians had now arrived on their flank.
Bill Miller on the right as D'erlon tries to explain to me why it wasn't his fault
French commanders Jim Conquor and Ian Carter realise the game is up.
Apart from supplying the fantastic terrain, all the Allied troops and a portion of the French Iain also brought along a selection of artifacts from the battle.
The game was fought with 28mm figures in a 1:40 figure scale and the guys used Black Powder rules to fight all the action.

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