Sunday, 23 June 2013

Vietnam - Take the High Ground

The 4th game in the list of scenarios was the VC storming an American firebase.
This game was a bit of work in progress as I wasn't sure how it would work until it had been tried a few times but all the guys were happy to play along.

US Army – Regular Troops
Platoon command

1 Lieutenant with M16 assault rifle
3 runners armed with M16 assault rifles
1 medic

2 Platoons of 10 men
9 men armed with M16 assault rifles
1 armed with M60 Lmg

Company support
1 Mmg team
1 Medium mortar team

Artillery Support
2 Light Howitzers

Local VC Militia – Inexperienced
HQ squad
1 leader armed with pistol
3 men armed with rifles
As many infantry squads as we can put out
each with
10 men armed with rifles
In the first game the Americans had 3 platoons and the VC started with just 3 squads on table with reinforcements coming on as usual but they struggled to even get up to the wire so in the next game I reduced the Americans to only 2 platoons and the VC started with 5 squads.  This improved the game dramatically and the VC even got over the wire.
For the next three games I boosted them up to 7 squads and they even managed to assault a few positions and in the final game they finally captured the firebase.

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