Thursday, 20 June 2013

Vietnam - Charlie don't Surf

This was the second scenario that I came up with for the NAM weekend with the League of Gentlemen Wargamers.  The basic idea was that all these scenarios were to be very quick lasting no more than an hour to force the attackers to push for victory otherwise the defenders got the victory, there would be no draws except in one scenario where it was possible for both sides to gain their objectives.

US Air Cavalry – Regular TroopsCommand section in command chopper
1 Lieutenant armed with pistol
3 men armed with M16 assault rifles
1 unarmed surfer

Two platoons of 10 men transported in choppers
each chopper is armed with Hmg
8 men armed with M16 assault rifles
1 armed with M79 grenade launcher
1 armed with M60 Lmg

Armed Support
1 Huey Cobra

Local VC Militia - InexperiencedHQ squad
1 leader armed with pistol
3 men armed with rifles

3 infantry squads each with
10 men armed with rifles
Heavy Support
1 Hmg on AA mount set up in hard cover

Like the other scenarios this game changed enormously from the first game where the Americans lost but the VC player learnt lessons and when it was his turn to be American he had an easy victory and this continued for the next four games. It would appear that all the American players moved their choppers into 6" range which under the rules meant that they could spot the enemy, they then pulled back and blasted the enemy, especially the VC Hmg which was the only weapon that could threaten them in the air. If I was going to run this scenario again I wouldn't allow the Americans to spot the enemy unless they opened fire.

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  1. Dave
    Yes in our big game the next day we changed the rules so that choppers could not spot hidden VC units. Worked much better.