Tuesday, 18 June 2013

The League of Augsburg

I have been asked to contribute a number of articles to this new blog set up by Clarence Harrison which covers the period 1660 to 1720 which actually takes in more wars than just the League of Augsburg also known as the Nine Years War.
Apart from writing on the blog I have also been involved in playtesting a set of skirmish rules written by Clarence called Donnybrook.
This is the finished illustration for the rules, title and graphics still to be added.
Myself, Barry Hilton, Bob Talbot, Adrian Howe and Gerry Donohoe put on a display game at Carronnade, the wargames show by the Falkirk Wargames Club to promote Donnybrook and it seemed to generate a huge amount of interest.
The first article I've written for the blog is about the fighting around Tangiers in the 1680's and how I went about producing a force for gaming the numerous actions.
The next article is about the opposition, the Moors.

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