Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Vietnam - Leave No One Behind

This was the 6th scenario I had devised for our LOGW weekend and was really just produced as an extra because we were unsure if one of our members was actually going to able to make it or not.
As things turned out he couldn't get to the weekend so this game wasn't fought on the Saturday but Peter Nicolson who was arranging the big Sunday game liked the scenario so much that he included it in his huge game.  I have really only added it here for completeness.

US Marines – Veteran Troops
Command section in command chopper

1 Lieutenant armed with pistol
3 men armed with M16 assault rifles

Two platoons of 10 men transported in choppers
8 men armed with M16 assault rifles
1 armed with M79 grenade launcher and pistol
1 armed with M60 Lmg

Armed Support
1 Huey Cobra
2 spare transport choppers are available for rescued prisoners or replacement transport.

Local VC Militia - InexperiencedHQ squad
1 leader armed with pistol
3 men armed with rifles

2 infantry squads each with
8 men armed with rifles
1 Lmg in each tower each with 2 men

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