Sunday, 4 August 2013

Aughrim at Claymore

Above is a general view of the display game that myself, Barry Hilton, Bob Talbot and Gerry Donohoe put on at Claymore the annual show of the South East Scotland Wargames Club in Edinburgh on Saturday 3rd August. This was the central section of the battle of Aughrim fought in 1691 between the Williamite army led by General Ginkel and the Jacobit army led by General St. Ruth while both kings William III and James II/VII had left Ireland by this point in the war.
Williamite left flank
Williamite centre
Williamite right flank
Jacobite centre
Jacobite right flank
The day was a great success and the game generated a huge amount of interest and it was good to meet so many people especially the nice guys from the Wild Geese Wargames Club from Dublin.
The figures are from all four of us and are from Barry's wonderful Warfare Miniatures range terrain from Barry and myself.
You can find more photos of the show on my mate Jim Duncan's blog


  1. Replies
    1. The judges obviously didn't think so, we didn't even get into the top four tables.

  2. The game certainly looks to be up to the usual very high standards that you guys set Dave. sorry that I didn't get around to the game but (perhaps predictably) I kept bumping into all the guys from SESWC which impaired my chances of getting around to see all the games.

    Looks like I missed a corker not to mention a chance to catch up :O(


    1. It's a pity you didn't get over to the game Darrell but at least I got a chance to say hi when you came in. Are you going to Border Reiver and or Partizan II?

  3. A colourful looking game, David, sorry to have missed the show for the second year running.

  4. You were missed David but hopefully we can meet up at Partizan.