Monday, 12 August 2013

King William's War

I've posted another Donnybrook scenario set in North America in the 1680's during the period known as the King William's War on the League of Augsburg Blog.


  1. That was well done. I particularly like how you guys did the fire and smoke on the table.

    Great batrep and great pics!

    1. Thank you Anne I'm glad you enjoyed it, we like to keep our games interesting.
      The burning markers are useful items to have as they make the games look much better, they are easy to produce and they fit in with every period you can think of.

  2. Thanks David, one of these days we will get together for you to try out the rules, I seem to have been working virtually every weekend except for a few where I had to use up annual leave to attend shows. I've got a problem at the moment and might end up missing out on Partizan.