Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Kamakazi Kids

This is the Public Display game put on by the RAF Leuchers Wargames Club at Claymore,
the annual wargames show run by the South East of Scotland Wargames Club. The public took the part of the Kamakazi pilots and were attempting to take our the American carrier. On the right hand side of the photo you can see my wargames buddy Colin 'Gammy Leg' Jack concentrating on his flight path to glory.
Not wanting to be outdone by a man with a gammy leg Mr Ray and son joined in the fun.
This is the final outcome they were all hoping for and judging by all the noise coming from their game it sounds as if everyone was having a great time and it was a worthy winner of best PP game.


  1. The RAF boys put a lot of thought into the styling of this game from everyone having a drink of saki and shouting Banzai to the Emperors photo.

  2. Always enjoy seeing their games!