Wednesday 7 August 2013

Forage for Food

This was another Donnybrook scenario that I put on for Colin and Ray since they enjoyed the previous game so much. All the figures and animals supplied by me and terrain by Colin and myself.
I had previously fought this scenario before with Bob Talbot but that had been a two player game but this time I adapted it as a three player scenario.

The basic scene is that the Moorish and English forces are advancing on a nearby village to round up as many animals as they can to feed their troops and the third player are the villagers who are keen to hang onto their animals. Goats are worth 1pt each, sheep are worth 5pts each and cattle are worth 10pts each, the camels and market stall are for scenic purposes only although they could also have been added as further victory points.  I set up the three factions then allowed Colin and Ray to pick which ones they wanted and would have what was left. Colin decided to go for the Moors this time since he commanded the English in the last game and Ray decided to take the local villagers which left the English for me.
I haven't posted all the scenario details here as they will either appear in the Donnybrook rules book or I will add them into the League of Augsburg Blog
The game started very well for the villagers as all their troops came out in the first four moves whereas half the English troops were still waiting to arrive but this ended up actually being an advantage as it meant that the two Moorish factions were left to fight themselves whilst trying to round up the animals.
Eventually all the English troops got on, you can see them sneaking up in the left of the above photo.
The only unit of theirs that actually got into combat were the pikemen who ended up destroying the Moorish heavy cavalry and relieving them of the animals they were herding off whilst the rest of the infantry quietly rounded up what was in the immediate area and the four goats they got in the last move game them the victory by collecting 84pts of animals against the Moors 80 and the poor old villagers were left with nothing.

Again both Colin and Ray enjoyed the games so much that they are already planning their own Donnybrook factions.


  1. More fun!That gamy leg seems to be leading Colin to lots of gaming.

    1. Fortunately his gamy leg is improving, so he's no longer using the crutches and has gone back to work. He's always tried to have a game a week if possible.

  2. Nice looking game, pass on my regards to Colin.

    See you both at Partizan?

  3. Beautiful terrain and great looking game!

  4. Glad you like it Phil, I can't take any credit for the terrain as it was all supplied by Colin, I supplied all the figures.