Monday, 26 August 2013

American War of Independence

I've not managed to get any gaming done over the last couple of weeks and won't get any until Partizan II at Newark next weekend where we will putting on a League of Augsburg display game.
Instead of leaving the blog empty I thought I would show some of my 15mm American War of Independence army which was started many years ago after a trip to Bunker Hill when I was on holiday in the USA. At the time I had been thinking of producing a French Indian Wars army but being inspired by the diorama in the Bunker Hill museum plus there was more use of cavalry and artillery in the AWI I decided to go for this period instead.

Once I started doing research I became more fascinated with the Southern campaign which generally gets ignored compared to the larger battles in the Northern campaign but to me this was an advantage as the battles were generally smaller and easier to produce on the wargames table. I managed to also inspire my mate Jack Glanville in the period and he was keen to produce the British army which was fine by me as I had wanted to concentrate on the Americans and here is some of my collection.
1st Maryland Continental Regiment
5th Maryland Continental Regiment
6th Maryland Continental Regiment
8th Continental Regiment
North Carolina Militia
South Carolina Militia
Virginia Militia
American Generals and Brigadiers
American artillery

It was when I was doing research for this period that I realised there was little information out there for wargamers which is what first got me involved in writing and I had a number of articles published in Wargames Illustrated, Miniature Wargames and 18th Century Notes & Queries. I eventually had enough information gathered to produce a small booklet which is sold through Caliver Books.


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    1. Thanks Christopher, I enjoyed building up the army but unfortunately all the guys I now game with are all into 25/28mm figures so these haven't been used in years. At least my mate Bill Gilchrist has enough 28mm figures that I don't need to paint any at the moment, but I'm sure I will.

  2. If you look at the bottom of this link you will find pics of the very last outing of my army at the battle of Camden and I'm pleased to say that my army reversed history and went out in a blaze of glory.

  3. Great looking figures, a fantastic army!!

    1. Thanks Phil, I was pleased with how they turned out especially for 15mm figures.

  4. I have that book... It is a great read and full of scenarios that provide variety beyond line up and fight. Highly recommended!

  5. Thanks for the endorsement Clarence, the book is still available from Caliver books, David Imrie just ordered a copy from Dave Ryan at Partizan on Sunday.