Sunday, 22 July 2012

Wargames butterfly

As anyone who knows me could tell you I am involved in too many wargames periods for my own good and the trouble is mainly caused by the latest shiniest, tastiest figures just released, reading a good history book, seeing a film or in most cases inspired by other friends and display games at wargames shows.  As an example of my butterfly tendencies here's an example of what I've been working on over the last month.
These are another couple of stands of Turkish troops to add to my Crimean force.
This gorgeous Greek bireme is from Grand Manner which I had kicking about the house
for a few years but eventually got around to painting it up for our
Temple of the Golden Virgin game a few weeks back.
This cemetery is painted up for a game coming up in October
but is generic enough that it will be appearing in many games before then.
As if these weren't enough I have also started painting up a selection of figures from my mate
Barry Hilton's Warfare Miniatures range which I'll post in a separate page but here is a taster.
On top of that I'm already reworking some Macedonians for another up and coming
Hail Ceasar game.

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