Friday, 6 July 2012

Rescue the Virgins

This game devised by Donald Adamson was a follow on from our previous game 'The Temple of the Golden Virgin' and now that the Macedonian/Athenian force had destroyed the Persian/Greek force and captured the temple they now had the difficult job of getting the ''Virgins' and treasure back to their fleet of ships beached in the bay.  This was my second game using Hail Ceasar wargames rules and felt that I had gotten the hang of them although there are still little subtle rule mechanisms that I still need to get my head around.  Actually owning and reading a set of rules would help.
Are we sure these are virgins???

The Macedonian/Athenian force set up alongside the temple with a wagon train of goodies in the background which had to be transported to the beach using normal HC movement rules.

The Athenian troops guarding their armies right flank
The Persians had been reinforced during the night and this is their right/centre flank and the Spartans previously under Angus' command and now commanded by Hugh were stuck on the left and probably took the huff at this which might explain their abysmal performance on the night.

The Macedonians got off to a flying start and the wagon train managed at least four game turns where they got triple moves whereas the Persians struggled to even get their front line troops to move.  They had planned to mass all their cavalry on one flank facing my two units of Athenian cavalry and fortunately it took them at least 10 moves before they finally managed to combine and smash my poor troops.
As I mentioned before, due to Hugh's bad dice rolling the Spartan infantry and his reinforcement peltasts never got into action but on the other flank the Persians and Corinthians finally got their act together and were slowly pushing back and breaking the Macedonian left flank command.
The wagon train had finally arrived at the beach but instead of only taking one move to load them onboard the umpire informed us that the ships crews had been having a party and made us dice to see how many extra moves it was going to take, fortunately it was only another three moves and we felt confident we could hold off those effeminate Persians, Spartans and Corinthians for that extra time with our final defensive line.
The virgins finally made it on board and the victorious troops could sail home to a heroes welcome.


  1. A fine summing up indeed! Lucky the wine ran out @ the naval party!!


    1. My libations to my statue of Zeurs before the battle clearly worked in my favour and the 'Virgins' were obviously very keen to get onboard my freshly painted Athenian bireme.

  2. Great report there David and a splendid job saving those 'virgins' from a fate worse than death...

  3. "Are we sure these are virgins???"

    Are we sure they needed rescuing?