Friday, 27 July 2012

More Warfare Miniatures

King James II (VII of Scotland) in pensive mood.
Comte de Lauzun commander of French troops in Ireland.
Irish officer from the Kings Guard.

Individually these figures are superb but it's when you combine them into vignettes
with some nice basing that they really come to life.
I think this vignette sums up James' trouble,
he was surrounded by 'advisors' all offering differing advice
and he couldn't make up his mind what to do.
I'm sure a couple of near misses like these might sharpen up his ideas.
This base is the first of Colonel Simon Luttrell's Irish dragoons defending a forward position.
Simon Luttrell and Lauzun will probably stay well apart following a fight between the two of them
at a Congress meeting in Dublin, Luttrell was the Governer of Dublin at the time
and had his ears boxed for disagreeing with the Frenchman.
All these figures and the rules we use Beneath the Lilly Banners are available from this site.


  1. Really nice vignette. As you say they look great on their own but put together adds a whole new dimension to things!!



  2. Excellent painting and a great looking command stand, did you make up the colours for Lutteral's or did you find a snippet of info somewhere?

    1. Ray I couldn't find any info to what they actually wore but the fact that Simon paid for the outfitting of his dragoons and his brother Henry the cavalry then I thought they might try and match their family coat of arms which is white and black. I didn't want to put a pure white coat on them and decided to go for a very light grey. The Irish Luttrell's are completely different to the English ones of the same name. If you want I can put the two coats of arms on the blog if you want.

  3. I really like the command figures and horses too, Very nice painting!

    1. Thanks! I really enjoyed painting them which I think shows in the finished products.

  4. Really nice figures and painting Dave, I shall follow your blog and shamelessly copy the uniform details as I attempt to resurrect some old club Reiver figures, get them based up for BLB and back on the table after years of them lying in boxes.

  5. Dave, feel free to copy anything you want, I get a lot and give a lot of inspiration and advice from all my friends blogs, that's one of the things that I like about this crazy hobby of ours. Are you part of the group that has been coming up to Hughes house in Edinburgh for a few games?

  6. Lovely painting skills there and nice figures too.

  7. You've made a good fist of those David!

  8. Thanks chaps, the figures are a joy to paint and I'm looking forward to getting on with more but I've got a load of pesky Macedonians to get finished for a Hail Ceasar game on thursday.