Sunday, 17 June 2012


I managed to get another few games this month the first being a VBCW game featuring Colin Jack's idea of refighting old Scottish battles but in a VBCW setting. This battle was a refight of the 1745 battle of Falkirk which involved Scottish government forces attempting to stop Jacobite forces advancing down from the Highlands and moving through Stirling.
This pic shows the government cavalry having reached the hedgeline half way across the battlefield with Fife Communist Militia supporting them, at least they were until they all ran away.
This is the government cavalry brigade which led the left flank column.
Government cavalry lining the hedge
Advancing Jacobite forces
Royal Scots lead the government right flank column.
Heavy and accurate shooting from the government regulars proved too
effective for the Jacobite Militia who tried to have a firefight but ended up
being pinned before being run down by cavalry.
Virtually every Jacobite Militia unit were either cut down or fled and
even their armour and regular infantry units didn't fare much better.
All figures were from Colin Jack's collection except the Jacobite Militia
which were painted by me and in my collection.

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  1. Clever idea and excellent photo report O'B! I take it you must be better?