Sunday, 17 June 2012

Crimean game

Barry Hilton and myself eventually managed to get together to fight a sample battle for his up and coming Four Empires book which is a Crimean supplement to go with his Republic to Empire rules.
I don't want to give too much away from the battle but here are a few taster shots of the action which involved a French Division of three infantry brigades and a cavalry brigade supported by a brigade of Turks and a Berseglieri unit.
This shows the main infantry brigade led by their Chasseurs a'pied.
Artillery is seen moving up on their flank and a brigade of Zouaves and Turcos in the distance.
Russian rearguard and village defenders.
Attackers go forward.
Storming the village.
I won't give the game away but suffice to say that the battle swung to and fro
and either side could have won until finally decided in the last move.


  1. Very nice looking game, I like the use of the painted backdrop.

  2. Good looking game, but in a pointless period really. Wish barry luck with the rules for me.

  3. Love it Dave ! Hope you gave Barry's Russian sailors a "spanking" - but looking good
    The Chasseurs D'Afrique are under way
    Can we do Balaclava in 2014 with the L.O.G.W. ?


  4. Bob, I'm sure everyone would love to do Balaclava and I would be happy to help with the organisation.