Friday, 11 May 2012

A few more VBCW pics

Here are a few more pics that I couldn't get into the game report.
Some BUF soldiers and air support.
More airport defences
More planes and ground crew.
Main gate and more defences.
Fascist Highlanders defending main gate.
Buzzing the boys but no bullets.
Mobile artillery and Armadillo's support the Gamekeepers and Militia,
the Highlanders and Militia Hmg in the background.
Another shot of the regular highlanders.
Militia backed by Armadillos and highlanders.
Militia marching on.
Some heavy support from the senior service.
I think this crew must have had senior eyesight as they couldn't hit a barn door.
This is who they were supposed to be supporting
but I think most of them were in more danger from their own support.
Unfortunately for the school boys they walked right into the fire of a BUF machine gun.
This was as far into the airfield that they got.


  1. Dave
    It looks great. Colin and I put on an early version of this at Albanich last year. Lots of new toys.
    The airfield buildings would do perfectly with new signs for my planned 20mm raid on the Nazi secret weapon base game.....

  2. Its quite mad, but quite wonderful too you know! But I'll stick to 1940 and Operation Sealion I think.

  3. You're correct David, it is quite mad but good fun also and the useful thing is that all these vehicles and terrain could easily be used for Operation Sealion and even my militia could be used as Home Guard.