Friday, 11 May 2012

Very British Civil War

If you have never heard of this before you are probably thinking, What War?  Don't worry you haven't missed anything in your history studies this is purely a 'what if' period but does cover a historical period and what might have happened if King Edward VIII had married Wallace Simpson which would have been against the church and government policy and might have sparked another civil war as factions for all side fought for control of the crown and government.  One of the main parties that might have supported the king is Oswald Mosley's Fascist Blackshirts and the Police have taken an oath to protect the throne so they might have been drawn into this faction.

This game fought at my friend Colin Jack's house represent an Unholy Alliance of the Church and the Communists who are both against the King and the Fascists but for different reasons and are attacking the Fascist Acklington airfield.
The airfield defenders commanded by Colin comprised a mixture of hard core Fascists including Highlanders, Police and Militia and although there were a large number of planes and artillery pieces scattered about most of it either wasn't working or didn't have enough fuel to fly but they did have a strong dug in and fortified position in their favour.
The 'good guys' commanded by me were a real hotchpotch of troops ranging from some regular army and naval troops backed by Communists, Gamekeepers, Militia and even the local school brought along a unit of 6th form students from their Cadet force.  They had no real armour but a mixture improvised armoured vehicles which looked more like something out of a Mad Max film.
These photos show some of the wonderful building and terrain from Colin's collection.
Some of the Fascist defences and main gate into the airfield.
and some of the defenders.
Some of the attacking forces, navy, Reds and school boys.
Wonderful Red troops converted and painted by Adrian Howe.
Some of my militia, Cannon Fodder Minis painted by me.
Regular Highlanders who never really got into action.
Thankfully I had some heavy support although they failed to hit very much.

I launched my main attack right down the road with the Reds supported by naval and militia gunfire and these managed to smash through the gates into the airfield grounds and caused some havoc until they met this and....
...ended up like this.
I advanced my other troops against the defences but poor shooting on my part meant I wasn't getting anywhere and even bring up more militia didn't help the situation.
A mixture of troops from various manufacturers.
By the end of the evening the Fascist flag was still flying over the control tower
and most of my militia was heading home for tea.

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  1. Beautiful figs and terrain! We have been doing alot of VBCW and have had a blast! Especially in the Lakes district, with a brigand/black market town, BUF and Anglicans.