Monday, 30 April 2012

WW2 French

Most WW2 wargamers have heard of the French involvement in the war but this is usually related to the 1940 campaign where they suffered a heavy defeat from the Germans in a six weeks campaign despite some very strong performances.  Unfortunately most of them have not heard of the French army of the 1944-45 period where they put in a fine performance to attempt to wipe out the stain on their honour from the early war and they make an interesting change to wargames armies that normally consist of British and Commonwealth forces or Americans.  These 28mm figures are from BattleFront Miniatures produced and sold by Stronghold Miniatures but have some minor converstions of head swaps to add Adrian helmets, berets, kepis and French scarves to make them more French.  The Sherman tanks and half tracks are from Corgi.  Sorry for the poor quality of the photos I'll try and take some later when I take some shots of my early war 20mm army.
These Greyhound armoured cars are from Solido
with modified crews from a number of manufacturers.
The later French army is difficult to find information about but this is one book that I can recommend.  What I like about the French is the amount of insignia and marking as well as personal flags that they carried on into the early war.

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