Wednesday, 11 April 2012

French and Turkish command

Finally for the French here is a command vignette that I finished for our Alma game last year and has never been photographed.
Here are the Turks making sure the French don't get it all wrong.
The chap on the left looks very like one of our LOGW group.

What I like so much about the French is the multiple use you can get out of them as long as you're not a member of the Fashion Police or the Button Brigade.
My French will happily be shooting Russians in the Crimea, bayonetting Austrians in Italy in 1859 and surrendering to the Prussians during the Franco Prussian War.  As if that wasn't enough, the Zouaves and some line troops could also be used in the American Civil War and the artillery and Chasseurs can double up as Piedmontese and Papal troops for fighting with and against Garibaldi.  I was even thinking of painting up some machine guns and using them for the very early WW1 battles, or perhaps that's a war too many?


  1. All good stuff! Machine guns are really stretching it I suppose, but what the hey!

  2. Nice work, David! But, Turks guiding the French? Tangs a little of the blind and the partially sighted I think...

  3. David, it's a well known fact that the Turks had already won the war by fighting the Russians to a standstill in the Balkans just as the Brits and French arrived. They are obviously showing the French the way back to Paris before they do something stupid like invading the Crimean Peninsula and extending the war for another two years.