Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Luttrell's Dragoons

It's been a quiet month because of my back pain and having my God daughter staying with us so no gaming and painting so far this month except for a few conversions of Warfare Miniatures dismounted dragoons to finish of my unit. I seem to be having problems with the blogger system which isn't allowing me to post pics at the moment, which is a real pain but you can see the pics on Barry's forum here.

I've now got the dragoon unit finished as well as my first squardron of cavalry plus a game tomorrow night then the Newcastle and Partizan shows on Saturday and Sunday where I hope to take more pics, especially of our display game at Partizan.  Keep your fingers crossed.

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  1. Dave, looking forward to seeing the cavalry as at the moment I am the only one who has painted and photographed any! By Sunday we should be able to field 10 squadrons between us plus I think 24 battalions and about 12 guns. Not bad.. it is buiding as starting to look like something cohesive