Monday, 3 September 2012

Luttrell's Jacobite cavalry and dragoons

I finally got around to painting two squadrons of Colonel Henry Luttrell's cavalry regiment for my Jacobite force and they had their first outing at our display game that we put on at the Partizan show on Sunday 2nd September.  The three squadrons of dismounted dragoons also got their first outing as well.  Unfortunately the blog is still acting up and not allowing me to post any pics so I have had to put them on the LOA forum and you can see them here.

or you can view them and more on my Photobucket album.


  1. Posted a comment on LofA, great stuff, specially as I got to see them in the flesh at Partizan. What problems with posting pics are you having? I had similar with no icon appearing to add images, I downloaded the latest version of IE8 and that solved the problem.

    1. Phil, we have IE9 and the problems seem to have started when we updated to that version, it's still not allowing me to post any pics which is really frustrating.

    2. Ah, I see. It may be worth you going to the Microsoft site and downloading the latest IE9 update then, if you havn't already of course. Thats what I did with IE8.