Saturday, 11 August 2012

Jacobite reinforcements

Just finished another battalion for my Irish Jacobite force.
This unit is the regiment Clanrickarde which at the start of the war was recorded as being poorly armed and uniformed which is why I have made the central unit a pike stand instead of pike support and I've also painted the troops up in a mixture of various uniforms and civilian clothes.  The figure in front on the extreme left is a conversion of one of the lovely Warfare Miniature figures range.
I also tried to model a cannon ball bouncing and taking out one of the unit.
The idea was ok but I'm not too happy with the final outcome, hopefully it will be better the next time I attempt it.

On the painting stocks at the moment is another stand of dismounted dragoons to add to
Colonel Samuel Luttrell's regiment and I've also started the first squadron of
Colonel Henry Luttrell's cavalry regiment.


  1. Lovely job all round. I think the ricochet effect looks good.

  2. Great idea Dave... looks the biz. The Jacobite force is growing... who's next???

  3. Great work Dave, i love the cannonball effect!! As Barry said "the Biz!!"

  4. Super stuff Dave, great idea with the cannonball, well realised I think. Look forward to the next batch.

  5. Thanks for the kind comments guys, I just love painting these figures.
    The next time I do a ricochet shot like that I think I need to use less clumped grass so that you can actually see the cannon ball better and also allow the modelling clay on the ball to dry properly as it got a bit squashed when I was glueing everything together which is why I had to use more clumps to try and cover it up.

  6. Very nice stand, and unusual effect! Love it!

  7. Excellent work Dave, especially the canon ball effect.

  8. Dave, I dont agree with you. Your work is excellent and the effect is perfect!