Saturday, 7 September 2013

Hook's Farm

This year marks the 100th anniversary of the publication of H.G. Wells book Little Wars which undoubtedly has to be the birth of our crazy hobby but for some reason I have never gotten around to reading it whereas my good mate Aly Morrison not only has read it but thought he would celebrate the anniversary by putting on a game from the book. He put on this lovely display, the battle of Hooks Farm at Partizan II last weekend using his own range of figures, Shiny Toy Soldiers.

Because I was putting on our own Leauge of Augsburg display with Adrian Howe, Barry Hilton, Bob Talbot and Gerry Donohoe and was feeling unwell I completely forgot to take any photos at the show so these ones are courtesy of another mate Colin Jack.
Advancing British infantry outflanked by sneaky French cavalry

The range of figures Aly has produced are based on another book The Great War in Britain 1897 which sees a Franco-Russian force invading Britain. You can see his production work of these great figures at this site.
Scots Greys in British cavalry tradition about to get themselves into hot water

By the end of the game there was only one figure standing which was the British general so the Brits managed to stop the Franco-Russian invasion and sent them home to think again.
If you want to get your hands on these lovely figures the Shiny Toy Soldier range is sold through Spencer Smith Miniatures at this site.


  1. I saw this at Partizan and it look wonderful

  2. Great looking game....

    If you look at the Spencer Smith site you realise these figures are not that expensive. How about a mad project for the Battle of Princes St with a scale Scott Monument taken from that classic The Great War in England in 1897..

  3. That would make for an interesting display game Bill, I'm sure we could persuade Colin and Ray to join in as well

  4. Sorry, can't muster any enthusiasm for this game at all. Some things best left in the past...

    1. I realise they're not to everyones taste but they were put on to commemorate the 100th anniversary. Although they are not normally the sort of thing I would go for they do have a lot of charm about them and I enjoyed the ones I painted for Aly for our 1st Schlesvig Holstein game we put on at Salute a number of years ago on behalf of the Continental Wars Society.

  5. David, You can also use newer rule sets that maintain the spirit of the original, but address the short comings. Edwardian Splendour and Funny Little Wars come to mind.