Wednesday, 11 September 2013

A rough wooing

This section follows an update to my Flodden army which I wished to use to fight the battles of the Rough Wooing, battle of Pinkie, siege of Haddington, the siege of Leith and the Marian wars. The pikemen were fine for using in the later actions except that the front ranks shouldn't have the pavise, not wishing to repaint them all I'm quite happy to ignore their existence and concentrate on the needed additions.
The Scots still liked their artillery but added lots of multiple gunned light carts to give close support
The Scots also included firearms to support their pikemen but never enough to make a big difference
Hearing of Henry VIII's dissolution of the monastries a large contingent of monks fought in the Scottish army at the battle of Pinkie as well as defending their monasteries from English raiders
Although these Border Horse are in my Scots army they could just as easily be English if you ignore the saltires. Some Scots border families happily fought with their English relations in raids or feuds.
A March Warden keeping the 'peace' on the border. He could be Scots or English
These border infantry could be from either side, even the Scots used longbows
Unlike the rest of my Scots army all the Monks and Borderers have actually been in action in recent years fighting in numerous border skirmishes hence the updated basing method


  1. So nice and so colorful! Great work!

  2. Thanks Phil, I enjoyed painting them at the time and I hope to get more use out of the border troops in Donnybrook skirmishes.

  3. An interesting mooch down 'memory lane' Dave. I don't think I've ever seen an army for this period before.

    1. Thanks David, for some reason there doesn't seem to be much interest in the 16th century Anglo-Scots and Anglo-Irish wars which is a pity as they are fascinating periods to study and game.

  4. Dave,

    It's a real pleasure to see these miniatures placed in battle order!

    It was the anniversary of Flodden a few days ago.


    1. Darrell, my previous post is all about the main portion of the army and was posted for the anniversary of Flodden.